I have used the latest version GENISISWEB for this manual. But I have not included many new features, which I intend to do as soon as possible. The new. Instructions for phase I – Creation of Winisis Archive ยท How a Winisis Instructions for Phase II – Creation of GenisisWeb frontend GenisisWeb Manual Phase II. Manual de GenisisWeb vol1 – Read more about manual, genisisweb, scribnet and

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To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. To make this website work, manuaal log user data and share it genisiswwb processors. Figure 32 Default Search-Result Page Definition Or else, you can design your own customised search-result page with Add button, as detailed below: How to change the page display of the query form Figure 31 Click here to change background Click on this button to edit the title of your query form Put tick mark to show the number of records manjal be displayed in a search.

Figure 27 Click the OK button in the above screen. Then the following screen with a message in French, asking you whether to use the Apache, will appear.

It can provide bookmarks that help us to navigate the document pages easily. The search result for all records in a Demo Digital Archive genidisweb appear in Fig 2. Beginners may choose Alphanumeric under Type. Format listing allows you to design a short display format. Components of Winisis database Winisis database comprises of a set of records and each record contains a set of fields.

In order to create an archive of digital documents, you need to collect a few full text documents and place them in a folder in your computer. More fields can be included in the search box by clicking on Add button and clicking on Ok button.

The items you see on the left panel are those indexed in your database, i.


While the layout has changed, it still functions much the same as More information. Mamual 1 Please note that this document is one of three that details the process for installing LearningBay More information. Copy the contents of the folder export under GenisisWeb from the first computer to the new folder.

Then click on the floppy disk icon to save the change if it is in the right manner. Figure 34 Now add the Fulltext field. In order to save this history. You can select only one field at a time. Html editor will help you modify the homepage you create. Winisis database has a master file containing all the records of the database.

No part of the contents of this user guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means More information.


Open the web browser and type the address “localhost” in the address bar and you should get the following screen, if Apache is running. Figure 9 Click here to select the language as English In the above screen, click on the language drop down arrow key to select the language English and click the Ok button If your installation doesn t show English language, create a notepad file with the following contents. Figure 28 Save button Save and New button Format ‘details’ In GenisisCD, format ‘details’ is not organically linked with format ‘listing’ and hence it has not been used in this manual.

When you make a search, the database records that match with the search term will be listed, with a link in the record. Click on the Add button.


The knowledge gained at this workshop inspired me to use this web interface. Click here to scan grnisisweb paper into an image first Click here to read the scanned image Click here to convert scanned image into word document You will then get the following screen.


Browser Client is a web-based application that allows users to point their browser at a URL and view live video from a set of Intellex units. The message will give you instructions on what to do. A webserver software Apache 5 and GenisisWeb need to be installed, for the purpose. Advanced Event Viewer Manual Document version: Then click on the green arrow button to move on to the following screen.

If you genislsweb to correct any entry, just click on the entry in the entry box and that will appear in the edit box shown above. Then click genisiswfb the Esc key in the computer or minimize button on the screen.

CONV Then the database definition-extraction tables will be opened Click on ADD button at the bottom of the query form Fig. Click the Add button at the bottom of the query form and you will get the following screen: You can play with the options in the screen and can choose anything you prefer to have a beautiful look for your web front end.

The following screen will give the instructions in burning the cd-rom. If you want to select more fields, you have to click on Add button and select fields again and again until you put all those fields. Click on Export to web server under the Application drop down menu as in figure 45 Figure 45 Exporting to Web-server Then you will get a dialogue box in Fig.

Application Installation During the initial installation of the product, the application gets to gnisisweb the computer system, on which it shall work More information. Then you will get the default form Fig. You cannot change the tag number of a field name without resorting to import or export process. What is a text editor?

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