2Shuttering in gigantic steps yields giganticsavings of time and moneyEver since its introduction, MANTO giantframe formwork has been a. Formwork is really making fantastic progress. Shuttering in gigantic steps yields gigantic savings of time and money. Ever since its introduction, MANTO giant. Manto formwork from Hünnebeck is a steel framed panel formwork which is ready for use and very rugged. The m, m and m high panels each.

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We believe in long-term cooperation and believe that long-term relationships add a special value to ideas and projects.

The connections are not tied to any fixed grid pattern, which ensures maximum flexibility on site.

Wall vertical formwork Manto. Design and development of the site. For more information, see the brochure. The thickness of the profile of the frame is 14 cm, internal stiffeners and hot galvanizing give Manto additional strength and durability.


MANTO | Wall formwork for grand designs

The oversized XXL panels are ideal for the shuttering of large surfaces and permit sizable cuts in labour costs. With MANTO locks, two panels can be connected together tightly and completely flush in one action – no additional bolt connectors or fasteners are required.

Quality, functionality and flexibility are the decisive factors, making it one of the most popular formwork systems in industrial and house construction projects. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services.

MANTO® wall formwork by Hünnebeck

Formwork Wall formwork Scaffolding tower Modular scaffolding tower Facade scaffolding tower Modular scaffolding Facade scaffolding Column formwork Slab formwork Fixed scaffolding Mobile scaffolding Circular formwork Tunnel formwork Climbing formwork Bridge formwork Vertical prop Fixed scaffolding tower Formwork table Self-climbing formwork Suspended scaffolding. Quality, functionality and flexibility make Manto one of the most popular formwork systems.

Partnership We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation. The Online Industrial Exhibition. If you have interesting ideas and proposals for partnership, our doors are always open.


Wall (vertical) formwork Manto

Whatever you have to formwor – from bunkers to cellars, from pylons to bridges to high-rise commercial centers or residential buildings, Form Servises will provide you with the best wall formwork for any task. With the MANTO aligning clamp, two panels can be joined together tightly and completely flush in a single action — no additional bolt connectors or bracing required.

Form Services is always with our customers and suppliers, and we are confident that we could achieve much higher goals by joint efforts than alone. MANTO is ideally suited to cover large, medium and small ground plans equally well. MANTO is ideal for covering large, medium and small volumes.

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