Kashf-ul-Mahjoob (کشف المحجوب), or Kashf al-Mahjub, is the first ever Persian book written on the philosophy and practice of Tasawwuf (Islamic. The Kashf al-Mahjub (The Revelation of the Veiled) of Ali b. ‘Uthman al-Jullabi Hujwiri. An early Persian Treatise on Sufism (Old) (Persian Edition) (Persian). Editorial Reviews. About the Author. translated by Reynold A Nicholson : The Kashf al-Mahjub (The Revelation of the Veiled) of Ali b. ‘ Uthman.

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On seeing this the apprentice fainted. Himself a pupil of Shibli, he was the master of the later Shaykhs of Khurasan. He swore that he had spoken the truth. Afterwards he went back to the Hijaz and settled at Mecca. When she desired to repent of her former lifeshe sent a message to Ahmad bidding him ask her in marriage of her father.

CHAPTER XI of Kashf al-Mahjub

He was an eminent Sufi, who is praised by all the Shaykhs. Both Ibrahim Khawwas and Mahjuv Shaybani were pupils of his. Accordingly, the heart that is controlled by the sway of God is better than the sensual part of Man which controls his outward motions and acts of self-mortification. Conceit really springs from the suspiciousness tuhmat of the intellect, which is produced by the insatiable desire nahmat of the lower soul; and holy aspiration himmat has nothing in common with either of these qualities.

I remained four years in the desert, and God was giving me my daily bread without any exertion on my part.

The Kashf al-mahjúb, the oldest Persian treatise on Súfiism

He was a profound theosophist, praiseworthy in the eyes of all the Shaykhs. He attained the highest rank in jurisprudence and divinity, in which sciences he was a follower of Thawri [1].


In the earlier part of his life he was Prince of Balkh. If He makes a creature the means of giving you daily bread, do not regard that creature, but consider that the daily bread which God has caused to come to you does not belong to him but to God. He was asked what wonders he had seen. The doctrines attributed to him to-day by certain Anthropomorphists are inventions and forgeries; he is to be acquitted of all notions of that sort.

The Jew said to him: During the same year, it was viewed on Scribd for more than 40, times. I will explain it in another place. Their assertion is founded on the fact that the sayings of this Shaykh are more intelligible and easy to apprehend than is sometimes the case.

More in this category: The author himself a renowned Sufi saint takes an expository approach.

mahub According to the Tadhkirat al-Awliya ii, 48, 4 ff. When a bride is unveiled to the people, the reason is that everyone may see her and that she may be honoured the more through being seen, but it is not proper that she should see anyone except the bridegroom, since she is disgraced by seeing anyone else.

The friends of God perceive that the universe is subject to His might and captive to His dominion, and that the existence of all created things is as nothing in comparison with the power of the Agent thereof.

He fell into the company of Abu Bakr Wasiti, and attained such a high degree that he became the leader of a Sufi sect. It may be said that the destruction of a book signifies the impossibility of expressing the real meaning of xl idea. Therefore Man cannot properly take or leave anything; it is God who in His providence gives and takes away, and Man only takes what God has given or leaves what God has taken away.


The only title available today is the masterpiece of Sufism and the first book written on this topic in Persian, Kashf al-Mahjoob. Fortunate indeed were Sumnun and those Shaykhs to have only one adversary of this sort. He studied jurisprudence with an intimate friend of Abu Hanifa.

Kashf ul Mahjoob – Wikipedia

Hence the perfection and ultimate goal of the mahkub is the beginning of the state of the prophets. This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat In all his circumstances, from beginning to end, he never once acted untruthfully, so that Junayd said:.

Manuscripts of the Kashf-ul-Mahjoob are preserved in several European libraries. His own hands were fettered, but another hand appeared and tied it. Nuri was the companion of Junayd and the disciple of Sari. He has handed down relations which are held in high esteem by Traditionists, and he is the author of lofty sayings concerning the verities of Sufism and Divine Knowledge.

If you were not ruled by inborn conceit and by the error of your soul, you would express a more judicious opinion. In that case the same impossibility should be predicated of the tongue, because spoken words are no better than written ones.

Hence it is said: Predestination can never become an argument for neglecting His commands. Knowledge of God in Classical Sufism.

Zakat Alms Uncovering of Seventh Veil: He was famed for the loftiness of his state and the exaltedness of his station, and for his journeys in detachment from the world tajridand for his severe austerities.

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