IBM 7014-T00 PDF

Learn about the supported feature codes that are available for T00, T42 and racks. T00, T42 or racks can be bolted together in a multiple rack arrangement. This figure shows that arrangement. Racks can be heavy when populated with several drawers. Use the Weight distribution distances for racks when loaded and Floor loading for.

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Decorative trim kit Attributes required: Pack and ship the item to the buyer Our Store is among 70144-t00 highest rated consignment stores on eBay. If this is done, iibm bolts and spacers will function correctly, but the trim pieces are not designed for use with uneven rack heights.

Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 15 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the fifteenth rack for a multi-rack order.


Indicator of rack space utilization Minimum required: Dimensions W x H x D: Machine Type Rack order Minimum required: If mounted horizontally, it uses 1 EIA 1U of rack space. Mounting hardware kit Attributes required: DC Power Distribution Attributes required: The 20 Amp connection requires a 6 pin cable, 2 per system, 8-Max.


Rear brace, bolt down hardware, bolt in front filler panels Attributes required: One rack side panel 7014-00 required: The weight distribution distance in all lbm directions is the area around the rack perimeter minus covers necessary to distribute the weight beyond the perimeter of the rack. Do not increase the quantity of the line cord specify code Attributes provided: Do not increase the quantity of the line cord specify code. It provides a secure location in the rack for modems attached to Hardware Management Consoles.

Without this hardware, the unsupported end of the PDU will rest on the hardware mounted immediately below it.


PDU Redundancy Attributes required: PDU power cable Attributes required: Feature and two or more cables. Design a listing with descriptive and enticing copy points 7014-t000. Power Requirements Power Consumption in active mode: The feature includes a large steel brace that bolts into the rear of the rack. No max Initial order maximum: No Front Door For 1.

Expansion Drawers complicate the access to vertical PDUs if located at the same height. Yes Return parts MES: The PDU can be either vertically mounted in rack side pockets or 7014-t000 mounted. The CFReport from the marketing configurator must be submitted to: Power connection for a or PDU Attributes required: For OEM equipment the customer must provide an applicable DC power cable and associated pluggable circuit breaker.


This can be used with MTM machine type model rack such as a T42, not a feature code rack such as a When planning for the installation of this type of equipment, racks should be ordered without a front door.

First 3 Power Distribution Units PDU ordered with this feature number will be mounted vertically in the back of the rack. The PDU is mounted on the rear of the rack making the twelve C13 receptacles easily accessible.

This design allows a row of racks without side panels to be bolted together in a continuous suite, using the optional side to side rack connecting hardware. Routing instruction for manufacturing Attributes required: Custom software and configuration of customer software per customer specification is available.

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