Consulte os serviços, acessos e horários da Estação de Porto São Bento. Linha de Guimarães | Linha de Caíde/ Marco de Canaveses | Linha de Aveiro. Consulte os horários, preços, descontos e pontos de venda dos bilhetes Intercidades. Compre já o seu Parques Lisboa Porto Pragal Venha de comboio conhecer Aveiro também conhecida como a “Veneza de Portugal”, e a sua história. Consulte os serviços, acessos e horários da Estação de Coimbrões. Compre já Serviços CP: Comboios Urbanos do Porto; Linhas: Linha de Aveiro. Serviços.

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My two teenage sons and i will be joining my husband on a trip to europe in two weeks. More than one card may be activated, with cumulative balances The balances activated are drawn down according to use Balances can be checked at www.

You can travel to or from Porto with ease from any point in Portugal or Europe. Indulge yourself in portugal, your holidays destination. For the moment there are six cycle lanes available:. Bento this journey is included in the Alfa ticketor by metro on lines: By car, you can get to Porto from Galicia in around to 2 hours and travel to the Algarve in approximately 5 hours.

In all cases, you must make your booking with the respective service operators: Timetables alfa pendularintercities from lisboa santa apolonia to porto campanha and braga The receipt is compulsory. By car, the journey from coimbra to aveiro takes 50 minutes and is about 60km. Intercidades ic is a fast longdistance service whose speeds can reach kmh. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site.


There are four shuttle services available, to and from the Airport. Foz afeiro Ribeira da Granja: Two of them to and from the agreed hotel, according to a previous booking, the other one to and from the city centre 25min.

Porto Tourism – Official Portal – Visitar – Public Transportation System

Urban ane connecting the road EN12 to Carvalhido, thus linking the city surroundings to aceiro city centre. The second half of our trip will be in portugal because he has a conference in aviero. In doing so, you have a number of road transport services which offer regular city links. Timetables can be found at each stop. Bento train station ticket offices and 3 days — Bento this journey is included in the Alfa ticketor by metro on lines:. This ticket is valid for the minimum of an hour and is rechargeable.

Celta (serviço ferroviário) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Lane serving leisure activities. Some of these highways are to be paid at the end of the trip with the ticket that must be collected at the beginning of aveido highway. Covered by an ever progressing, accomplished transport network, getting to Porto could never be easier whether it be by plane, bus, car, boat, train or metro.


Other highways or parts of highway have only electronic tolls.

Linha do Porto à Póvoa e Famalicão

Night service Lines 1M to 13M: Looking for romance, discovering culture, living adventure, relaxing. Available at post offices, service areas and at www.

Linha do norte is the portuguese main railway line that connects the two main portuguese cities, lisbon and porto. A taxi journey costs approximately A receipt valid for 30 days, which should be kept is issued at the time of subscription.

This lane is 3,5 km long and was built in From the international transport terminal you are provided with the following options when travelling to the city centre: It is 1,24 km long and it was inaugurated in There are also Andante Tour tickets, 1 day — 7.

It is located in the north of the country, on the North-western part of the Iberian Peninsula and lies to the right hand side of the river Douro in close proximity to its mouth.

To get to the city centre by bus, you can use line

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