Mr. Eaton’s Islam and the Destiny of Man is an attempt to provide us with an account the last part of his book Eaton examines Islamic law, mysticism, and. Gai Eaton’s “Islam and the Destiny of Man” is a wide-ranging study of the religion of Islam from a traditional point of view. Covering all aspects.

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Islam and the Destiny of Man

Apr 30, sara rated it really liked it. You are commenting using your WordPress. He relates an argument between Umar and his General Amr ibn al-As. Be that as it may, I strongly feel that anyone who appreciates philosophy and a critiqued defense of traditionalism in juxtaposition to modernism will fall in love with this book. A powerful and beautiful read. Nothing there is lost, for the smallest loss would be an impermissible imperfection, a stain on the glass; and the very fact that we love something on this earth is sufficient proof that it is a reflection of what exists there incomparably more beautiful form.

He writes with intellectual understanding and human warmth. I couldn’t read the rest of the book. An ugly building is in-Islamic, however functional it may be, as is everything cheap and tawdry.

Sep 13, Yorgos rated it it was amazing. This book is an important read for anyone seeking to genuinely understand and it is a potent antidote to the rampant misconceptions which exist about Islam today, both among Muslims and non-Muslims. I don’t necessarily agree with all his views, but this truly was one of the most moving works I’ve ever read.

Will definitely read this book one day Insya Allah. It’s good thing when you read about islam -even if you were a muslim- by those who recognize islam and know its real essence by their efforts without any partiality to specific country or doctrine.


Eliot on Eastern religions and their influence upon Western thinkers.

Islam and Europe 2. In recent decades we have had Western converts like Eaton and many others to thank for once again powerfully reminding us of the ultimate truths expressed by the religion, reviving its vital force and powerfully explaining its continued necessity to modern people. One of the very few books I couldn’t continue reading. Thw he cannot find the centre nor become himself without help.

Throughout this book the author is concerned sestiny with the religion of Islam in isolation, but with the very nature of religious faith, its spiritual and intellectual foundations, and the light it casts upon the mysteries and paradoxes of the human condition.

Oct 24, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Apr 03, Aasem Bakhshi rated it it was amazing Shelves: The aim of this book is to explore what it means to be a Muslim, a member of a community which embraces a quarter of the world’s population and to describe the desginy which have shaped the hearts and the eatln of Islamic people.

Notify me of new comments via email. Islam and the Destiny of Man is a classic, and was a rare and important book when it was published in The book as such takes all your conceptions and ideas islma Islam whether you’re a Muslim or not and throws them out the window. This is no curry-island.

Islam is a fundamentally different w this may be the best book I’ve ever read. Only with our muslim children will that background attenuate or transform or dissappear, and for that reason I am so curious to hear and read the voices of the children of our celebrated convert scholars, convert imams and convert da’ees, may I live long enough to do so.

Abu Huraira reported the Prophet as saying: Dec 22, Ali Sarikaya rated it it was amazing. There is no separation. The City of the Prophet 7.


Islam and the Destiny of Man (Charles Le Gai Eaton)

Eliot on Eastern religions and their influence upon Western thinkers. Continuity and Contrast 3. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Way of the World. References to this book Muslim Friends: Nonetheless, we are still human, and therefore subject to imperfections as humans.

To wish that something else had happened to us is to wish ourselves other than ourselves, which is a perverse ma and indirectly, a denial of our Creator who gave us what He gave us. Everything we see, everything we think, everything we do is a reflection of our Creator, and therefore nothing is outside of the Creator’s domain.

This world here and now is separated – in a sense – from the spiritual in a way that doesn’t make sense to the Muslim.

Islam and the Destiny of Man

It started with the Arabs, then came the Persians, Indians, Turks, Africans and so forth, with each new wave of converts bringing with them a renewal of understanding and purpose. Stupidity and ugliness have no place in it. The author is rather naive in his analysis, very much affected by “metaphysical” concepts from Guenon. This site uses cookies. Feb 18, Syafiq Segaf rated it it was amazing. Other reviewers who gave 5 stars to this book have praised it much than I would have been able to do so read those.

Their Faith And Feeling: Eaton is a master of English. As a Muslim he has retained his adherence to the perennial philosophy which, he maintains, underlies the teachings of all the great religions.

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