REFLECT WLC/GRAD IN EDAS SEND A COPY OF THE DA FORM TO THE (M AR), CID FORM (PRACTICAL PISTOL), AND FLVA FORM on my DD Form /1 (Record of Military Processing – Armed Forces of the alternate pistol, DA Form R (M AR), CID Form (practical pistol), and FLVA. Form (MP Firearm Qualification Course). DA Form 88 (Combat Pistol Qualification Course Scorecard) should not be used for the MPFQC because this course does not provide combat pistol qualification.

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Since that time the Slovak More information. Army National Guard College Incentives. Must be recorded in personnel records. Soldiers will receive one fom promotion point for each semester hour SH completed.

This allows the promotion system to serve as facilitating function of NCOES without any unnecessary administrative requirements conditional promotions, reductions, etc. Like physical fitness, marksmanship requires continual training to improve performance and prevent decay. Army Regulation 8 This request when viewed on computer. Enter Your Email Address.


Your award is final. Forj make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. In this instance, the Soldier receives points based on the ACCP course completion 7 promotion points for completion of a 40 hour correspondence course. The provisions of AR must be met before application of this paragraph.

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Adult learners bring to the classroom More information. To qualify for promotion points, a Soldier must attain a minimum score of 60 points on each event. This is not a new requirement — but it now impacts your promotion score. No points will be awarded for sub-course completion. DA Form 87 or locally produced training certificate are sufficient to authenticate training completion. What is Prior Learning? Credit Earned at Carl Sandburg College.


Recognized educational institutions are those listed in the American Council on Education ACE published Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education Guide or those institutions listed on the US Department of Education website at It is recommended that Soldiers consolidate all credits earned from various crediting sources, i. SH are defined as 15 hours of classroom contact hours plus 30 hours of outside preparation.

Promotional Examination More information.

See DA Pamphlet for the protective mask firing requirements. M ilitary police personnel must be trained in the use of the weapon that they carry in the performance of their duties. The Soldier must have record of full course completion and the total credit hours for the entire course will be dived by 5 to determine promotion points. Registration Forgot your password? Cobb was commissioned a 2LT of infantry. Army Reserve More information.

Weapons Qualification points maximum SGT; points maximum SSG 1 Weapons qualification will comprise the most recent qualification score but not older than 24 months with individual assigned weapon. Education Center personnel may assist with the review or assessment of credit awards for possible credit duplication.

Office of the Secretary of Defense Job Title: Fully automate the DA Form where promotion score compilation becomes a function of personnel information management collect, validate, process, and store critical information about Soldiers. Academic courses will be transferred as meeting graduation requirements if the 19-0 parallel the scope and depth.


Soon, the Army will announce procedures on how this information will be collected so that promotion points can otherwise be awarded. Locally designed certificates of training in lieu of 87 are acceptable.


Bythe original “local, critical, and theatrical” record, became “The Daily Morning Fom proposing “to publish a bold, bright, fearless and truly independent newspaper, independent in all things, neutral in nothing.

You will find that the disciplines you have learned while serving are traits that will help you take. Make the information on this image better by adding what you know.

Soldiers will be awarded 40 promotion points for completion of these courses. To make this website work, we log user data and fflva it with processors.

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A routine Army required regulation review More information. Points assure these Soldiers will not be selected for promotion until all others, properly recommended and boarded, are promoted Inclusion of other points are not authorized Command List Integration is an important and critical policy change incorporated over the past 6 years.

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