Description. Generator gearboxes can be used for the low-cost production of electricity on board. They are used with low-speed diesel engines and can be used. Flender-Graffenstaden also manufactures auxiliary gear units used on some of the With an installed fleet of more than 13 high speed gearboxes and more . precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a latest knowledge in the field of gearboxes, every single gear unit is tested in.

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Each gearbox has two hydraulic Ortlinghaus clutches. Flebder sure to take advantage! Market See for more projects in the Maritime market. Flender is a manufacturer of industrial and maritime gearboxes for almost any power application.

The clutch plates, the piston rings, the piston retraction springs and two O-rings were replaced.

Used but fully working, we sell at Flender can accommodate mechanical running test at full speed full load, partial load test or even back to back locked torque test. For this reason, our portfolio provides a virtually unlimited variety of fllender options.

Marine Propulsion gearboxes Turbine generator gearboxes.

FLENDER Generator Gearboxes

flebder The replaced clutch plates did not seem to be worn or warped. Wind turbine gearboxes Wind turbine gearboxes from Hansen, Bosch, Winergy, Moventas and other wind turbine gearbox manufactureres for various wind turbine brands like Vestas, Nordex and Neg Micon.

We aim to build and sustain long-term partnership relationships based clender trust. With its range of helical gear units, Flender now has by far the largest number of application-specific solutions and is thus able to meet almost any drive technology requirements in hundreds of industrial and raw material extraction applications.


With an unrivalled average 25 years industry and marine experience, they are all fully qualified and certified to work in all environments, both on and offshore. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. New Oil l. In order to transmit these high powers, our case hardened and nitrided teeth are grounded with optimized corrections to ensure homogenous load distribution in operation and provide high reliability during the entire service life of the product.

Winergy Flenfer units available: Minimization of future downtimes and loss of production capacity in case of damage Longer lifetime through optimization by geomtric measurements and analysis.

GBS Gearbox Services international is the fastest, full service, worldwide specialist in gearbox repair of Flender gearboxes.

Due to continuous tension, the retraction springs were approximately 10 mm shorter than the new springs. Over the years, we have established a reputation for combining quality with unparalleled speed. They resist load reliably and ensure high plant availability. Our highly experienced emergency support experts work to provide effective solutions that meet your demands, getting your production running!

Wind turbine gearboxes

These used springs as well as the piston rings were added to box with the used clutch plates. Our products Based on an experience of more than 12 thousands gear unitsFlender-Graffenstaden manufactures high efficiency gear units used in all processes in power plants, refineries, offshore and onshore oil and gas installations, petrochemical and industrial process plants around the world.

A specially designed drive system makes it possible to accommodate the components needed for the enormous power in the confined space available in the hull. We made a complete new housing and replaced new bearings.


Flender -Graffenstaden has set a goal to always be the leader in turbo gear sector for industry, power generation and oil and gas sectors. The clutch has been tested successfully. For more than 20 years, GBS Gearbox Services has gained extensive knowledge of gear technology through new gearbox design and manufacture.

The outcome of the inspection was that the clutch plates were worn and needed to be replaced. Their high level of technical experience enables most work to be carried out on-site, supported by an practical experienced team of world-leading design and research engineers in the Netherlands.

Planning, developing, verifying and acting are the keywords in our ongoing improvement initiative.


Only minor markings of hammering of the clutch plates were observed. Gears and Services Netherlands – Rotterdam. Flender technology is in use in thousands of applications worldwide, including: At the end we assembled it again. Taking the latest innovations of our gearbox service experts, our goal is to get, often mission critical, gearboxes back into production at the shortest timespan possible.

We work in continuous shifts 7 days a week, always providing our customers the fastest gearbox repair. Gearboxes Wind turbine brand: In addition to high precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a dynamically optimized gearboxx of shafts and hydrodynamic bearings. Start of machining tools manufacturing. We have for sale Gear Boxes for Vestas V47 windturbines. We therefore offer worldwide gearbox support for 24 hours a day.

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