There is a place where mythology is reality. Where wild imaginations are ordinary . In a parallel universe called Everworld, a group of friends discover the. Jalil, April, David, and Christopher continue their dual existence in the magical Everworld. April narrates her amazing experiences while the evil Norse god Lok. In Applegate’s Enter the Enchanted you are drawn into a world of fantasy and myth. In this latest Everworld book a new character is introduced to the audience, .

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There is a lot of repeatition which is fine but sometimes it is too much. A war starts between the good of Merlin and the Knight Galahad verses the evil god Loki, all ending up with the fate of both worlds. We rode that way, me on his lap, him scanning the trees and the bushes, no doubt wondering how he’d fight with me on his lap.

Everworld (Literature) – TV Tropes

We learn more about Merlin, Galahad, Gawain, and the other grail-seeking Knights. Did I have a choice?

In the beginning of the story they are still trapped in everworld. In the end, Galahad and all the other knights are dead, Enchsnted is trapped in a tower with a ginormous Loki, there is a fire-breathing Dragon on the loose, Senna has escaped and the Four David, Christopher, April and Jalil are sitting around a library table deciding that they may in fact have to save the world.

Yes Senna brought them here for a reason and no, that’s not explained yet if there even is a “reason. Ahhhhh, finally I ecerworld like this series is hitting its stride!


Detailed Review Summary of Enter the Enchanted – Everworld 3 by K.A. Applegate

Her novel Crenshaw spent over twenty weeks on the New York Times children’s bestseller list, and her first middle-grade stand-alone novel, the award-winning Home of the Bravecontinues to be included on state reading lists, summer reading lists, and class reading lists.

Now that I’m thf, I’m finding that I’ve forgotten most of the details from 10 years ago, but I remember the covers! But right here, right now, it was the details, the reality that occupied my mind. Books by Katherine Applegate.

In this book April is the narrator of the story. Enter the Enchanted is narrated by April, the only girl besides Senna the witch in the troupe of main protagonists. I love stories of the Holy Grail, Galahad, and Camelot. However they soon find out that Th may not be their friend. April, Jalil, Christopher, and David are still stuck in Everworld, trying to find April’s half-sister Senna and figure out how to get home. All the pieces, the world-building has shaped up and connected enough that it is finally able to take a back seat to the real deal, the harrowing nature of living in Everworld and having to run from or confront or both!

Want to Read Enterr Reading Read. Why do they have The important facts: Can the gang hold onto their only hope of returning home against the encuanted might of an evil Norse god?

Real fear makes you want to beg and plead and pray, Please let me live, please, please let me live. Of course on the wound.

Stories Have Power

I liked that aspect. With this book, April, Christopher, David, and Jalil are starting to figure out how they can fit together and work as a group. May 13, Ani rated it it was amazing Shelves: We were warm and clothed and dry and there was no cut under Jalil’s eye.


So naturally, I thf stories about Merlin. Sister series to Animorphs written by K. In this book, Merlin,a enchantes figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian legend.

Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Stories Have Power Life changes when you read! First Thor, now Arthur…their people never stood a chance! Galahad probably had some similar questions when he and Gawain compared notes about the quest for the Holy Grail, but this puts everything in a whole new perspective. Imagine Jeffrey Dahmer thinking someone else was really a hard-core psycho.

And of the four of us, he remains the most opaque to me.

Because Jalil and the others are about to encounter one of the most powerful of Everworld everwoeld. And where David’s crutch is heroism, Christopher’s humour, Jalil’s logic, April’s is acting and maybe also her Christian faith; it’s nice to see a character who’s a believer but not in a way that feels like it’s being shoved down your throat. The Frankenstein stitches across his lower belly were a hideous grin.

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