Doxygen Cheatsheet. A quick cheatsheet for Doxygen, adapted from [1]. File header. /** \file * Description of the file * * \author Olivier Mehani

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Now instead of a straight enum I have one inside a class — so in publicclass. For instance, if you want to document the class Testput the following documentation block somewhere in the input that is read by doxygen:. I use the rth output.

The group is created by using defgroup in a special comment block. To document a global C function, typedefenum or preprocessor definition you must first document the file that contains it usually this will be a header file, because that file contains ssheet information that is exported to other source files.

Doxygen cheatsheet ·

Part 2 is now out! To document global entities functions, typedefs, enum, macros etc. There is a possibility that for our documentation we will be updating the documentation every 3 months and thats too much editing.

Some markup for appearance: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Doxygen cheatsheet

It helps with those little annoying parts of doxygen. Documentation blocks usually precede the element they refer to. Groups Entities may be grouped into global modules, which appear together on a new page.


Code may be documented in a number of styles, including the “JavaDoc” style:. Simple guide to Doxygen – Linoleum. I want documents for file main. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thank you for helping me improve the documentation for CartoType. Multiple preconditions can be listed together or in separate statements. If I put like that, then this comment is merged with the one, which i commented before the function definition.

A seperate “To Do” list will be generated and will cross-reference this entity. I can get the class to document in publicclass. See Doxygen documentation for use for Python.

Notify me of new comments via email. How do I remove single classes from documentation? Furthermore, if the code is commented in a particualr styled, Doxygen can leverage that to enhance the documentation. Hence why we want automation. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Multiple invariants can be mentioned in a single or separate paragraphs. Doxygen is a free tool for documenting code.

Doxygen Cheatsheet [shtrom’s wiki]

Commenting in the QT style. Doxygen cheatsheet by Paul Agapow in programming tagged importedprogrammingtools Attention: Names joined by either:: Installation and setup is very simple for all supported systems, and with Doxywizard, setting up the project of documentation is very simple also.

Generally, tags can be used multiple times for the same entity e. Documentation in other places Doxygen allows you to put your documentation blocks practically anywhere the exception is inside the body of a function or inside a normal C style comment block. This is a Doxygen flaw in my opinion: Multiple postcondition can be listed together or in seperate statements.

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How to put the comment inside a function. It may be malformed or incomplete. To do so, you need to put a structural command inside the documentation block. The below is a selection of the most useful markup for Doxygen, to serve as quick introducton and reminder. Modules can include files, namespaces, classes etc. Doxygen is very flexible when it comes to the form of how the documentation is written, the layout presented here is simply my preference.

Entities may be grouped into global modules, which appear together on a new page. Comment on parameter i, but function not documented! You are commenting using your Facebook account. Some markup for functions: This is a simple guide to basic use of Doxygen -compliant commenting of source code.

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