Get this from a library! Diversion planning: or how to navigate around the world using just a stopwatch and a pencil!. [Martyn Smith]. [Archive] PPL Diversions Private Flying. Alternatively, buy a copy of Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith for £ It solved everything for me. Diversion Planning or how to Navigate around the World using just a stopwatch and pencil. Smith, Martyn. Published by Published by the author, Price.

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Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith – Navigation – Pilot Warehouse

Post your questions, comments and experiences here. I think it truly makes the point that until you can pilot the simple aeroplane safely, don’t put your trust in gadgets!

I honestly can’t understand why I didn’t think of that. Thanks for all the replies folks. Please respect our commenting policy and guidelines when posting on this website.

Keep me logged in Hide session. I understand how to get the max drift but not sure how to figure out estimated groundspeed etc. If so pick a waypoint that keeps you clear, make creases as required.

Mon Jan 06, NATS is helping wind farm owners, developers and the industry to operate in harmony. Learn what is diveesion in becoming an Air Traffic Controller. All the roads towns railways and waterways can be tagged with pop-ups activated by a touch sensitive screen.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith

Sun Jun 19, Just had an interesting thought about the future of navigation, taking the electronics to extremes. Finally the single most important thing you can do to increase safety when flying a cross country is to carry and know how to use, a GPS. Drawing the line works the same, should only be done once out of trouble and, if you add in putting some time markers on you line using your thumb you might just extend time taken to 3 seconds in 60 for that job!


First, Read Irv’s post above.

The Trouble with Pre-Flight Planning – NATS Blog

All those elaborate diversion “systems” brief well on the flight school white board but the more complicated they are the less likely you will be able to do them when the chips are really down. Make sure the divert point is still in sight! If it takes more than a fraction of a second to do ANY of the elements I have used then you have a problem – glance down at the bottom of the DIturnglance at your pre planned drift for last leg – eyes outside, glance at chart to check wind and then eyes outside while your brain thinks about how to apply it then adjust heading, probably 2 seconds total head down time in 60!

My thumb is 6nm wide. Couple of other useful tips regarding diversions: I was flying back to the coast with a GF I say this booklet is badly titled as it is really a complete system of navigation in it’s own right and the next step up from the PPL. Though I have to say that flying a GPS approach on a G is a good computer game to play in the air: In fact I had a couple of alternates to the south in mind – my passenger said he’d have been happier knowing that at the time!

See if there’s any airspace that you don’t want to be in in the way. I think you have to seperate the PPL flight test from real world flying.

I suggest you keep your head in the cockpit for the minimum amount of time you can. Pathetic; the examiner expects you to plan a diversion with head down, doing the maths etc etc. I guess we shall see. Therefore your new heading should be maybe 5 or 10 degrees more or less than your original one I tend to estimate this. NATS maintained excellent safety and service standards with solid financial performance.


Practical Navigation by Martyn Smith

Then use it as a fraction e. Paul The forum seems to have stopped logging me out at random intervals. I turned northwest, knowing that I wasn’t too far out.

Bonus points for informing ATC actually a requirement if you’re on a flight plan and getting some sort of assistance, whether that’s “flight following” or “basic service” or whatever. Responsible Business report Our Responsible Business report summarises the work we do in pursuit of our sustainability goals. Last edited by PaulB on Fri Feb 29, Sat Dec 23, I was taught the same, decades ago.

As you will find, you xiversion to put in quite a bit of effort to apply it in the air and you need to “stay current”. The SCA is 40degrees.

Lost in the ozone. The wind-star should contain the drift for that particular heading along with the expected groundspeed. Flew out the following morning. The time you will end up with a lot of head down time is as soon as you start using any sort of hand held mechanism, and even reprogramming a GPS will probably have more head inside time than this method. There is one solid gold tip. But I could smitn have got vectors or tuned the ILS at the diversion airport.

Learning to fly, or thinking of learning?

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