What is the canon for the creation of Anauroch? According to Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed set (TSR , published in ), what is. Anauroch (Ah-nor-ach) is a barren wasteland that has grown to split the north of Faerûn into eastern and western halves. Also known as the Great Desert or the. Anauroch, The Empire of Shade (D&D module).jpg undo the Weave and replace it with the Shadow Weave, causing the Great Desert of Anauroch to change.

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On the face of it, it came back so quickly because WotC wanted to undo 4e stuff, to which I’m largely very happy with being a staunch 4e critic but I would have done it a bit differently. The problem isn’t just that there’s a hot desert too far past the equator in a very cold part of the world, it’s that the desert is just more standard fantasy desert whose uniqueness is literally buried.

Somehow this is all them. They try and fix this by going over the top of the underlying phaerimm drain, trying to use their own magic and natural methods to make the land fertile – but never dealing with the underlying issue. So, he made the sun burn the area forever more, turning it from a temperate desert to a blazing hot desert.

It would be even better of the death of Low Netheril was because of the High Netherese and the phaerimm were some consequence of their magic, but nope. Sign up using Email and Password. Magocracy city of Shade ; tribal the Bedine Religions: What if he had become bitter?

Anauroch (accessory) – Wikipedia

It doesn’t make too much sense for it to be Death Valley burning hot since its just right south of a giant Glacier region. The rest remains wiped out Hlaungadath is one of the three floating cities that Mystra saved during the destruction of Netheril.

About forty miles east of the ruined city of Ascore on the northwestern border of the desert, another abandoned city rises from the sands.

Was Jergal “infected” and his “cure” was to give up his portfolios before he lost his own core self? They kept on expanding and started wielding immense power. Even in only a few short years, all the effort the people of Shade went to to make the land fertile is totally overcome.


To all Facebook-using FR fans, you might be interested in checking out this page: Additionally, is there any clarification of what is canon for the 5e universe versus the fiction that is written or past edition DnD books? Maybe put a new moor in there.

Candlekeep Forum – 5th Edition Anauroch: desert is back or not?

On rereading the SCAG for another thread, came across this gem, from the timeline in The Genie’s Curse Birthright: I don’t read it that way. Page 82 includes various news and rumors of Anauroch. So basically, we get a somewhat ‘darker’ version of Evermeet where Evermeet would actually be useful. To the nomadic Bedine, such sights rekindled their ancestral tales, a reminder of the life their predecessors had known before the transformation of their ancient homeland.

Pages 4—6 present a whirlwind tour of Anauroch, including settlements of the local peoples, and important oases and trade routes. The Zhentarimalways eager to make a profit, have fought long and hard to secure routes for their caravans through the desert.

Of course, the 5e maps are done, and they didn’t fix a thing – just reset it to 1e, including all the ‘broken bits’. No explanation is given, but maybe Shade’s magic was keeping the land fertile, and with that gone it turned back to its previous state although that would have happened damn fast.

His gaze goes back to focus on where his unfaithful once stood, and finds that some returned Netherese, no less have undone his work. I’m not a fan of explaining that with very complex things like continent-wide illusion magic as proposed though it’s inventive.

At the end of one of their adventures, the PCs recover a map to a fabulous treasure buried in the Great Desert of Anauroch, a map drawn by a Zhent agent and intercepted on its way to Zhentil Keep.

After all, a major part of the Return of the Archwizards series was that they were STOPPED in their efforts to make major changes to the environment and then the 4e team seems to have forgotten about that, and just figured the Shades had ‘finished’ their project.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the 3. We know the Netherese survivors abandoned Amaunator wholeheartedly in the wake of the Fall, believing he did nothing anaurocb intervene in the collapse of their civilization. There are no conflicts between the past official material and the information provided in the SCAG.


I’m going to tacitly agree with that a little bit, and also state that one of the things I’ve been writing up has been along the lines that the portions of Tashalar, Thindol and Samarach that disappeared “beneath the waves” did not disappear beneath the waves.

And so on, and on.

Anauroch (1372)

ansuroch Edited by – Markustay on 07 Mar They wouldn’t want anyone to think they weren’t successful in any of their endeavors, plus, being “the new kid on the block” as of 3ethey’d want to prove themselves powerfuland what better way than eliminating a desert quickly, that everyone else just accepted for over a millennia?

Pages 31—33 describe the other peoples of Anauroch, including the D’tarig possible descendants of crossbreeding humans and dwarvesthe laertis, and the lamia. The Anaudoch marauders and garrisons fought for years against the Bedine but they hold only the land on which they stand at any given moment.

Cyrinishad Learned Scribe Posts. This spell affects only water in geographical form lakes, rivers, oceansor in meteorological form rain, snow. Personally I think he was Dire penguin, but whatever. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: They appeared in the middle of something like a continent. Views Read Edit View history. It still has the hot days, cold nights of real-world hot deserts, but the question is – why?

If the four deities that I spoke of in the other thread worked together to separate out Amaunator, but then Moander figure he’d start corrupting them too Livestock, wooden goods Exports: What is canon for the creation of the Great Desert of Anauroch?

Luckily for them, in the years leading up to the spellplague all 3 had become new Thayan trade enclave sites and they had portals that remained intact despite the transfer to Balduran Bay Enclave aka Fort Flame’s Thayan trade enclave. It is a city that landed near the High Ice and was eventually abandoned.

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