FC3 adds a number of new features and improvements to previous versions of the Flaming Cliffs series. FC3 is a module of DCS: World, which makes it. There is a Flaming Cliffs 3 manual. It is one of the sub /Program Files/ Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/mods/Aircraft/Flaming Cliffs 3/docs/. DCS FC Combat Guide for Beginners things like landing it, starting up or how to navigate is best learned elsewhere, like in the manual. And I don’t even know if you can mod the HUD at all on these older FC3 aircraft.

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If an enemy aircraft is painting you, the radarwaves originate form that aircraft.

Where and how can I learn to fly the FC? How did you guys learn to fly the F? : hoggit

I learned a lot, especially about the radar. The last thing is that the fan, by its very nature is, constantly moving. It is useful only when you need to work out to get from A to B.

I did a YouTube series on this, it may help you: Note that the radar is on, though.

DCS F-15C Combat Guide for Beginners

Useful for A2A but will not progress if you stick it in an A2G missile tutorial. The very type coming of your screen right now. Thanks for the link!

  ACI 302.2R-06 PDF

On the dsc left we constantly see rcs sort of indication pulsing…. The amount of information can be overloading. The yellow arrow indicates where. How much time is left untill the missile goes active and the lock can be dropped. Over The Reich – Technical Issues. What are you supposed to learn? I started to turn back into him. Then, he added the goal of shooting down two helicopters, which required different modes on the radar, and, honestly, distance to help the missiles track appropriately.

FC 3 manual ??? – ED Forums

At higher altitude, the pressure is lower. The Shepherd by Discord. We see an F that is travelling away from us! Loads of more information in here.

They are typically way faster than you and can pull many more G forces than you can. At near Mach maanual. So targets who are closer at low altitudes can still be spotted.

By gently pushing the stick forward instead of choosing for an instantaneous turn I artificially lower my AoA angle of attack. Dcz see 40, that means the top line is 40 nautical miles away.

It is one of the sub folders and is pages in a PDF. When the F computer thinks you are in a good position to take a shot, it will display a small star below the target box.



Rising Sun Read Only. Use the size of the target and this indication to judge if the range is good to shoot. Going Supersonic is important for missile kinetics and fleeing aircraft. Jane’s Longbow Series Read Only. This is a community driven project, so please help us keep it up-to-date: Do you still know what that means? The bars now mean ! Inside the pitot you can see two tubes.

The second missile follows soon. Visit it at https: This causes it to appear to be of a different colour to the Pulse-Doppler radar. Apparently the forces caused by air pressure are capable of doing unspeakable things, if allowed to manifest as is the case with a vacuum tank.

This causes the enemy to quickly show up on the radar. This allows by far the longest locking distance for the Sidewinder, up to around 18km in my experience. Surely there can be no comparison to something as mundane as the human body?

So how does this relate to air combat? Waiting long enough for me to fly into it.

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