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Own study for mid-term exam: Access knowledge and hold roles that augment individual abilities.

FUZZY LOGIC – hmertunc

Inputs and outputs have been converted to the linguistic terms such as very efficient, inefficient, somewhat efficient, remote, near by creating membership functions.

Face to face Pre- and co-requisites: These are included in the literature as “fuzzy modellem decision making techniques” and have been used in many studies. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Mizutani, Prentice Hall, 3. From the methods examined in the study, the fuzzy VIKOR lists the alternatives by making comparisons according to the proximity measure to the ideal alternative. Thus, a single fuzzy decision matrix of all decision makers was obtained.

Besides, there is a final term project.


Having information about Fuzzy Logic Phylosopy, history, methodology for application, numerical and verbal examples and practical skills. The integration of the orderings obtained from all three methods by using the Copeland method was provided and the six sigma project having the highest score in the new order was reported to the top management reporting that it should primarily be put into practice.


Thus, the orderings obtained by the integration of the methods with Copeland gave mantim confidence to the decision makers. Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author swith first publication rights granted to the journal.

The long history, corporate and financial structure, and importance to quality studies of the company, and most importantly, its propensity for six sigma philosophy were also the reasons for selecting HAUS. Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences www. By using the extent analysis method, 15 criteria were evaluated by considering the weight of the decision makers.

Washing Machine Using Fuzzy Logic :: Science Publishing Group

Log In Sign Up. Six sigma is a project-based method.

In the literature, it is possible to find the studies that reveal the weights of criteria within the frame of fuzzy logic. Keywords Fuzzy logic, Land consolidation, Land classification, Fuzzy systems. Area Elective Language of instruction: Land classification is one of the most important stages of consolidation projects.

Second Cycle Master’s Type of course: Duration Hours per week. Advantages and Drawbacks, R. Tutorials that may be downloaded from the internet.

To gain the ability of decision making and controlling of the systems using fuzzy logic. If accepted for publication, I hereby grant the unlimited and all copyright privileges to Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies.


This article or a major portion of it was not published, not accepted and not submitted for publication elsewhere. The lecture notes that will be delivered in the class. Demonstrate effective action in interdisciplinary research groups.

Logistics and Transportation Review, c. The weights of each decision maker were used in the phase of determining the criterion weights after this phase and in the project evaluation phase.

Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies[S. As a result of fuzzy inference and defuzzification process, the model formed by Mamdani Type Fuzzy Logic gives the value of parcel index. In addition, it was observed in numerous studies that the projects are evaluated in the framework of fuzzy logic and positive results are obtained.

The fuzzy TOPSIS ilkelerri lists the points that are the closest to the fuzzy positive ideal solution and the farthest to the fuzzy negative ideal solution.

The success and timely completion of this project depends on that this classification is useful and fair and are accepted by landowners.

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