Sinhala New Year Litha. SinhalaNew Year Auspicious Times. avurudu nakath for sri lanka new year. Sinhala new year. “Avrudu” is an auspicious times app in New year festival in Sri Lanka. This app is in “Sinhalese”. Features: * Add to calendar. * Featured images. * Nakath. Sinhala Tamil Aluth Avurudu Litha. Sinhala New Year Litha. Tamil New Year Auspicious Times. Auspicious Time.

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All I want is to live happily for another few more years and die.

What are your good times. A round up of all the events taking place this New Year’s Eve. You are free to use it if you trust me. Restaurants Cuisine Dish Types Facilities. For Whom these Auspicious times are: Subha Aluth Avuruddak Weva! Varuna Savinda and Mr. As these auspicious times vary depending on your locality. Finally, the details about Your health, avurrudu, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones around 1 -2 pages.

Unfortunately for Melbourne or any other city in the world “The Nakath committee” do avurjdu calculate or publish auspicious times”. Contact I am in Melbourne. What are the bad times.

Avurudu Litha 2014 Infographic (Auspicious Times)

ISK Looks like Lakshman lihha Looks like Lakshman http: Curtsy “Lanka Panchanga Grahasputa Litha”. Popular Interactive Astrology Pages. I do not know Thanks for the valuable information.


Publisher Description Avurudu Litha Sinhala New Year Litha. How to find Rahu Kala Bad period of a day as per Astrology. So I value my time, and believe in honest work. I just wonder what is correct and what is wrong?

It means that, t here is no correlation between your position in the globe, and the transit of sun among constellations or the groups of stars. During this time Sri Lankans are, according to tradition, encouraged to refrain from material pursuits, and engage solely in either religious activities or traditional games.

These papers publish it because they have commercial interests. This is my personnel web site. How was last 2 years. Hope Yamu does this yearly. Following is an example how to use it: Avurudu is a time to clean house, forgive old hurts and move forward with hope and good will.

I have a Science Degree which I got by honest hard studies in 5 and half years in the Uni that is enough education and title for me. Once it’s moved houses astrologically at leastthe New Year has begun, with kiribath and sweets and games and new clothes.

When is Rahu Kala? I am happy as I am now.

When Avurudu ends is somewhat debatable. Happiness is important, Running after superficial things is waste of time. We also have an app. On 14 April They know who I am and I have nothing to prove or explain. The download links for Avurudu 1. To find out when is Rahu Kala for different cities for that date click here Happy New Year Below is the example how to fill it.


We also have an app. You are free to either accept it or reject it. The Culture Even if you’re oblivious to the stars, there are still things that Sri Lankans do at certain times. Afurudu I do not want to criticize or analyze other peoples work.

Sign up for our email newsletter. I made this web site because there were no Sri Avuruddu or Indian astrology websites at that time. Posted by indi 3 years ago.

SBS Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha | SBS Your Language

Example for 2105 for year A. There are some pages in this website which interacts with you, like, greeting, answering your questions, doing calculations ect.

What time it is in Melbourne? Finally, a comprehensive and pleasing English litha! If not, you can use the times published in different news papers by different other people. A bar and restaurant that’s great for its ambiance if you live in Nawala. Avhrudu new year Sinhalese New Year, generally known as Aluth Avurudda Sinhala: Login to your YAMU account.

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