Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Arthur and Gorlagon, an anonymous twelfth-century Cymro-Latin. Arthurian parody of a werewolf romance, has been understood as a wholly misogynistic text in. Get this from a library! Arthur and Gorlagon. [George Lyman Kittredge; Bodleian Library.].

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And the King who took such great pains to care for me you can have no doubt was my youngest arthjr, King Gargol, to whom you came in the first instance.

Now the Queen loved the King’s sewer with anr unlawful love, and went to visit him whenever the King was absent. But as soon as it was dawn, Arthur, remembering the promise which had been made to him, went to King Gargol and said, “O my dear King, make known to me, I beg, that which you promised yesterday you would tell me to-day.

The wolf, well knowing how to capture this kind of prey, sprang up and pursued the stag, and getting in front of it attacked it, and catching it by the throat laid it dead in sight of the King. That woman who is sitting opposite me, she it was who, as I have just told you, wrought so great a crime against her lord, that ggorlagon to say against myself.

Arthur and Gorlagon (Book, ) []

Now, Arthur, you have learned what the heart, the nature, and the ways of women are. If this thing were known to me alone, Arthur he repliedI would by no means tell it you; but as it is well known to all who are sitting at table with me, I am not ashamed that you also qrthur be made acquainted with it. He fails, in accordance with the convention of fairydom, as his success would be the hero’s failure. The wolf concealed himself near the road where the King was to pass, and when all had gone by and he saw the King approaching for he judged from his countenance that it was the King he dropped his head and ran close after him, and encircling the King’s right foot with his paws he would have licked him affectionately like a suppliant asking for pardon, with such groanings as srthur was capable of.

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Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon – Wikisource, the free online library

Werewolf’s Tale itself must have passed through different stages of development corresponding to altered feelings adthur the subject matter. So it was that he alone understood this matter thoroughly. The bystanders would slay him, but Arthur protects him, and divining a mystery, forces the servant to confess. Home About Help Search.


Arthur and Gorlagon

We saw above that both are distinguished from Arthur and Gorlagon by the more lenient view taken of the wife’s conduct and by the fact that the latter returns to her father’s land whither she is followed by the transformed husband. The oldest recorded version of Marie’s Bisclaveret belongs to this stage of development.

At a third attempt he secures the sword, and threatening the owner with it, learns, at the persuasion of latter’s wife, the story. The matter goes very well and pleases me much. The King seeing a man of such great beauty metamorphosed from a wolf standing before him, and pitying the wrongs the man had suffered, ran forward with great joy and embraced him, kissing and lamenting him and shedding tears.

For yours is a weighty question, and there are few who goralgon how to answer it; and when I have told you all my tale you will be but little the wiser. Meriadocus is also found in the B.

The process affects the machinery of the tale as well as the attitude of the narrator; it facilitates the change by which, following the lines of another group of tales, the transformation of the werwolf is ascribed to inimicably exercised magic instead of to a congenital attribute; its extreme development is reached in Arthur and Gorlagonpartly remodelled as this is agthur the clerkly Latin translator upon the lines of the Eastern stories of woman’s faithlessness so well represented in the Seven Sages cycle.

But the wolf, perceiving that the King was desirous of lifting him up, leapt up, and joyfully sat upon the neck of the charger in front of the King. Abd Caius, urging on his steed, hastened forward and entered the fortress, and on his return met Arthur just as he was entering the outer trench, and told him that the town belonged to King Gargol, to whom they were making their way. What need of many words?

So when King Gorlagon saw that he could not by any means prevail upon him to dismount, he said, “Arthur, since you persist in your resolve to take no food until you know what you ask of me, although the labour of telling you the tale be great, and there is little use in telling it, yet I will relate to you what happened to a certain king, and thereby you will be able to test the heart, the nature, and the ways of women.

Linked Data More info about Linked Data. And King Gargol said to him, “Who art thou? The wolf being desirous of crossing the sea, is standing on the beach. I call heaven to witness that if up to now they have lain hid from me, I will exert myself, and sparing no pains, I will never taste food until by good hap I fathom them.


The framework here, it will be seen, is more elaborate than in Arthur and Gorlagon and is of a different nature. And he at once made for the sea, and impetuously dashed into the waves as though he wished to cross.

The werwolf knows nothing of the third gorlgon when he appeals to him for protection, which would be absurd if he were really his brother. I have only gor,agon the broad outlines of Professor Kittredge’s admirable study; the reader must be referred to the original for the numerous detail pieces of investigation concerning special story-types and incidents, their action and interaction, the rationale of story-change, which make his work fascinating reading for the storyologist.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon

He is older and wiser than I am: So having discovered what he wanted to know, and having ascertained where the king of that province was then living, the King returned with all speed to his ships, marched goelagon his troops, and attacking his adversary suddenly and unexpectedly, slew or put to flight all his defenders, and captured both him gorlagoon his Queen and made them subject to his dominion. Folk-LoreVolume But she did aand show the care for him which she ought to have done.

The werwolf’s wife, instead of being an altogether repugnant personage for whom no punishment is too bad, is not borne upon hardly by the story-teller and comes off at the end quite easily. Literature, Medieval — History and criticism. Please enter your name.

Niall knew language of animals, and casually learnt thereby the existence of the magic rod; he laughed, had, on his wife’s insistence, to explain why, was by her changed first into a raven, then into a horse, fox, wolf.

So the wolf was allowed to go where he would, and they all followed after him. For yours is a weighty question, and few there are who know how to answer it: Professor Kittredge’s conjecture that the three kings are in reality one and the same personage must command universal assent.

The hunt by the King takes place as in other versions; the werwolf wins the King’s favour, resides at his court, and whilst there attacks his wife’s second husband, and, later, his wife.

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