Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera. This book was amazing. Been wanting it for a while, even though when I first saw it I didn’t think it would be a. Reboot by Amy Tintera. Sixteen year old Wren Connolly was killed five years ago after being shot three times in the chest. minutes after. I’m the NYT Bestselling author of the REBOOT duology and the RUINED trilogy. My next book, ALL THESE MONSTERS, will be published in , with the.

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He won’t eat meat Reboots need a LOT of food and energy to survive and do their various ass-kicking assignmentspokes around at a few pieces of food like a runway model on a diet.

Using romance as a driving point for character development and plot progression is not something I dislike–in fact it may be one of my favorite ways of developing characters and plots.

The action was great, and the bloodiness was on point!

Carina’s Books: Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera

When she would sit down and eat, she would make sure to not talk and enjoy her food, unless Callum sat next to her and decided to open his annoying mouth and talk. Oh and yeah she’s been trained to zmy up to that number. Eventually, Ever is unable to control her zombie like craving, frequently attacking Wren and others. However it was fast paced,romantic and in some parts sexy!!!

The change in Wren happened far too quickly and their connection smelled too strongly of instalove. But it took no more than two smiles from Callum to completely change her behavior. That’s how science fiction works. For that first half of the book or so, Wren was all emotionless and tough, wasn’t going to take any nonsense, so on and so forth. The perfect soldier is done taking orders. As Wren is known as one smy the strongest and deadliest out of every reboot, no one even tries to touch her, sit with her, or even talk to her.

We’ll see what happens I actually loved this book so much and couldn’t put it down once I started. May 15, Kat O’Keeffe rated it really liked it. May 07, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it it was ok Shelves: As well as teboot, the story opens with a fast-paced action scene when Wren is out on an assignment and the novel continues to maintain this level of pulse-pounding excitement all the way through.


View all 32 comments. If this boy was real I would devour him, that’s how sweet he was. Maybe my two stars are a little too strict, but I can’t think of anything positive to say about this book. I mean, you have all this messed up stuff with new Reboots constantly getting their arms broken by their trainers, getting shot over and over again, etc. Design 3,5 stars I really like the Dutch version of this book for a change.

Do that thing where you look blank, like you have no feelings at all. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy their relationship so much, and I also wasn’t expecting to find myself laughing as often as I did, but there are a lot of great snippets of dialogue throughout. If the development of Wren’s character from the person–or Reboot–she was in rrboot opening chapters point A to the person again, or Reboot she was just mere chapters later point B was more of a gradual development, then it’d likely be something I’d be spending my time praising right now, but due to rapid and implausible way in which Wren’s character was developed from a bad person to a better person, my enjoyment in the story notably decreased, considering the fact amyy the romance between Wren and Callum was the driving point for most of the happenings in the novel, and despite how much I enjoyed their chemistry and Callum himself, I just couldn’t buy their relationship because it happened so spontaneously, and almost without reason.

He was laughed at and beante up because of his bar code, the minutes he was dead for. An example of ‘what on earth is this supposed to mean’: There is no depth, no adrenaline and no thrill. She knows something is wrong amj her and that the injections she has been given are harmful.

  AR 350-18 PDF

Other books in the series. That was the thought that was going through my head as I was reading the last few sentences of her debut. Girl has no emotions, a bad case of resting bitch face, and hates everything As other reviews here have stated, it felt like we were put in the middle of a situation and not given enough elaboration. Tjntera would have rather had that the book was about 50 pages longer with some more explanations.

By no means was Wren a interactive character, she keeps to herself as after all, her humanity levels are relatively tlntera. It was super incoherent.

I read other reviews and they said later on there will a lot of kissing, and honestly, I don’t want to read a smoochfest, I want to read a kickass dystopian YA book! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We have the best friend, Ever. Reboot by Amy Tintera.

First of all, I was annoyed that there wasn’t much of a good explanation as to why Reboots even existed in the first place.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed this and I’m actually gonna read the sequel just to see where this ends. The romance was sweet. Review on blog https: But the perfect soldier is done taking orders.

Reboot Series

Quotes are taken from the ARC edition and may change by the final printing. His eyes were big and round, like a puppy begging for a treat. I’m glad the second book is already out!!!

I was glad he was finally getting used to seeing kills and seeing “Wren kill people” and wouldn’t look at her with fear in his eyes and worry and feel like he did something wrong.

When she would geboot did, her mind would go back to where it was and she was able to focus again and that was ajy else I liked about her.

May 11, Megan rated it it was ok. Trivia About Reboot Reboot, 1.

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